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RAR Extraction

This only applies if you use the Direct Download option from your download page or the advanced setting of the Sonokinetic manager. If you use the Sonokinetic Manager in automatic mode to download and extract your purchased product, the process will be automated, leaving you with a fully extracted product folder.

If you prefer to go the direct-download way, there are a couple of files you need to extract:

- the Instruments.rar file for your product

- the Additionals.rar file for you product

- the Samples.rar.part01 file -> open only the first part (.part01) when there are multiple parts in a set, the other parts will be extracted automatically. When the samples are split into 16 bit and 24 bit sets, you need the part01 for each of these sets.

Make sure you don't start the extraction process before your download of all the parts has completely finished.

We've used Entropy to archive our bundles. (Mac)

Extraction Tools:


Mac: Recommended: or the free alternative:

When downloading your product(s), many of them have a combined file structure. This means that the files, although individual in nature, are of one archive. 

What happens when you extract a zip or rar archive either from a single archive file or Combined File Structure? 

Well, The files will be extracted to your computer from the single or combined archive, into folders and files in those folders. Point the extractions to the same folder and when it asks if it should combine folders upon extraction, say 'yes'. You should end up with one product folder, containing a Documentation folder, an Instruments folder and a Samples folder, and a .nicnt file next to them. For some products there is a MIDI Files folder too.


We have to split up our volumes to make them better downloadable and provide fast download speeds for everybody.

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